What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a completely different world allowing you to defy any laws of physics and common sense. It is a space entirely created by means of computer technology and ensuring maximal gameplay immersion. The involvement results from all your feelings seeming real because of almost all senses being appealed to: your sight, hearing and sense of touch.

How does it work?

Before the game you will be provided with a VR headset and given two joysticks to interact with the environment. Such headsets are equipped with mikes and headphones, so that you can easily communicate with your friends during the game.

Your might be looking rather ridiculous, but believe us: as soon as you put the headset on, any kind of shyness will recede! You will be immediately immersed into the story that will impress you not only with its plot, but also with precisely designed visual effects.

What is a VR escape game?

An escape game itself is a story with one single aim: getting out of a room! In VR, you have the same task, just the setting is replaced by computer graphics.

Four brave volunteers find themselves in a cube — a mysterious object the origin of which remains unknown… it is either a top-notch work of scientific geniuses or a product of an alien mind. Or could this cube have made a time and space leap or have been transferred from parallel reality?

Getting out will not be a piece of cake! The players have a set of tests to pass, 12 mind twisters to solve and 5 different locations to visit. You must make it to the very core of the cube and destroy it from the inside to return to reality. Hurry up if you do not want to get stuck there forever! The remaining time will be displayed on your virtual watches.


Продолжительность игры: 40 минут Возраст: 12+ Количество игроков: 2-4
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