Фотография квеста «Baba Yaga's mysteries»

Baba Yaga's mysteries

Акция! В квестах «Демоны», «Сага о вампире», «Подземелье ...

Age limitations: 5 to 8 years old with parents, 8-14 years old - without parents
Young friends go for a visit to Baba Yaga – an relative of one of them. But the old witch doesn't come to see them. Now they have to find a path through the magic forest and to search for the hut on chicken legs themselves. On their way they will meet many magic creatures and try strange wizarding artifacts. Only good deeds will help them go along the right path and discover the mystery of Baba Yaga's disappearance.

Акция! В квестах «Демоны», «Сага о вампире», «Подземелье красных гномов», «Смешарики. В поисках друга» и «Тайна Бабы Яги» действует скидка 20% по промокоду avia20 на слоты в период с 14 по 30 сентября.

Categories: Action Cartoon Family For beginners For Kids Fun Minimal Complexity The Other Side of the Screen

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