Фотография квеста «GhostHunters»
90 minutes UP TO 5 PLAYERS

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very difficult
Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
«The legendary Ghost Busters saved the New York City from evil creature invasions twice and decided to nail down their success by launching a global subdivision network. It is you who are chancy enough to work at one of the newly opened Busters offices! Luckily, the neighborhood is quiet: the paranormal activity rate is minimal, so the job is a gravy train. The office building has been rented, the proton blasters and traps have been delivered and the vehicle is ready. Time to get down to work! Yet, as is turns out, not a single day of the ghost-busting routine goes by without some force majeure…

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes for this game.»

Attention! This quest has three difficulty levels. All you have to do is choose the level that suits you best before the game. For more details please refer to the location.

Categories: Action Family Fantasy For a Large Party For girls For mans For teenagers Maximal Complexity The Other Side of the Screen

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