Фотография квеста «Cursed monastery»

Cursed monastery

Minimum age: от 12 лет с родителями, от 14 без
You shouldn’t have searched for treasures in the abandoned monastery’s cellar. There was a good reason why the monks left this place and did their best to erase the way to it from all maps. Several centuries ago one of the brothers came across an ancient tome, and, surrendering to the temptation of secret knowledge, raised a demon. The spawn of hell immediately bent the unlucky fellow to its will and literally possessed him. At the expense of their lives, the monks managed to lock the possessed one in a cage and seal his cell. Everyone who stayed near it for more than an hour lost his reason forever. You have bothered the ancient evil, and now the destiny of the world fully depends on whether you are able to complete the ritual of demon eviction.

Categories: Scary

Letnikovskaya str. 6A, building 10

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