Фотография квеста «Flying Dutchman»
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Flying Dutchman

Minimum age: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
According to an ancient legend, for more than 3 centuries Davey Jones has been managing the famous ghost ship «Flying Dutchman». It was trying to round the Cape of Good Hope and reach the earth. But something prevented this mission all the time. Was it a broken compass or a bad conscience of the captain? You'd better get to know and finally help the team of «Flying Dutchman» to rest in peace.

Categories: Family For teenagers

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3rd Avtozavodskiy proyezd, 4

We are located in the courtyard of an eight-story building - look for white brick - between street doors number 6 and 7. If you approach the building from Avtozavodskaya Street, then you will need to walk around the building (to your left) to enter.

Расписание загружается

Расписание загружается

«Были сегодня на летучем голландце, это было восхитительно! Очень атмосферно, средней сложности квесты. Отличная концовка, куча секреток. Без подсказок прошли минут за 55. В общем, отлично провели час:)», Александр Смирнов

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