Фотография квеста «Stalker»


Age limitations: 14+

After another radioactive release, the area around Chernobyl Nuclear Plant devastated by the catastrophe became a genuine reserve of dangerous anomalies and precious artefacts. The military try to control this exclusion zone by protecting it from trespassers. But no patrols or posts are able to stop real stalkers.
Having built a network of bunkers to explore these anomalies, the military massively enhanced their effect. Mutants broke free and started crawling in all directions. The government denies everything and hopes that stalkers will help it get out of this situation. If that’s not the case, they’ll just blame everything on stalkers.
For that purpose, they secretly informed a group of stalkers about the bunker in which the experiment was held which led to the catastrophe. The military fled in panic, and were not able to use the bunker’s self-destruct mechanism. But you still have a chance: everything you need for the explosion is still here.
All you need is to assembly and activate the bomb!
By the way, the bunker is full of valuable artefacts. You can take as
many as you can carry. But hurry up: another release is expected in an
hour, and then the mutants will be so numerous that they will take over
the Zone and escape from it.

Categories: Action Fantasy For a Large Party For mans For teenagers Minimal Complexity Postapocalyptical Scary Scientific With actors

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