Фотография квеста «The Key to All Doors»

The Key to All Doors

Внимание! Раньше этот квест работал под другим брендом. Убедитесь, пожалуйста, что вы его еще не проходили.

Age limitations: 12+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Sometimes remembering your relatives can be expedient. Especially some distant ones. Especially if you inherit a house from them — even if it’s an abandoned one. The event is definitely fortunate, but you do not even know what sort of things was going on in that house… moreover, even neighbors keep away from it, whispering something to one another in a mysterious manner. But you are not the kind of person who believes fables and legends, are you? Anyway, they should be now left aside, as all documents are signed and the key has been handed over to you. All that is left to do is to step over the threshold…
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes without heels are required for the game;
  • The game is not recommended for pregnant women, people with restricted mobility and mental disorders (panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, etc.).

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