Фотография квеста «Underground»
WITH ACTORS immersive


the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
escape room with actors

You have never heard of them but they know everything about you. They watch you. They keep track of you wherever you go. Their scary hollow eyes follow you through the sewer grates. But it won’t be long before they contact you...

Underground exists despite all odds. It is a city of darkness with no past and no hope for the future. The doomed contemplate death and think about the existence that comes after the last breath.

While you are drinking your morning coffee, they are fighting for survival. When you step out of your house into the blending sunlight they hide even farther in the sewage labyrinth. Their world is completely different. They know nothing about joy and happiness. All they have ever felt and seen is pain and sorrow.

The last few days you keep receiving strange sms. The last one contained nothing but a cry for help, several photos and an unknown address. It looks like the dying undergroung civilisation has chosen you. Will you be able to understand and settle in the world so different? Be careful — each decision you take can affect the destiny of the alternate civilisation!

Categories: Action Fantasy For a Large Party For mans Minimal Complexity Outlaw Scary With actors

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