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Bunker 2048 ru

Attention! This game was previously operated under a different brand. Please make sure you have not completed it before.

Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them

2048 Humanity has stepped far forward, but wars between states and raids of alien invaders are forced to be on the alert. Bunker labs are engaged in the development of unique biological weapons, which will help ensure the safety of the population. Not an easy job, I tell you - every day, like on a powder keg...

By the way, one of the main laboratory complexes, which is located a few hundred meters above the ground, has not been contacted for a long time. This happens, but just before this, the system recorded a serious release of bio-hazardous substances, activated the protection and disconnected after an incomprehensible failure. Almost three days have passed, and the connection is still not restored. No more waiting!

If the virus spreads outside the bunker, it will lead to horrendous consequences for all mankind. Urgently announce a general alarm and gather an immediate response team to investigate the situation and, if necessary, eliminate the biological threat!

No adult player on the team? Contact the location before booking to use the services of an escort! Our employee will pass the quest with the children and make sure that everything is in order. Maintenance cost: 1000 rub. per session.

Categories: Fantasy For a Large Party For teenagers Not Scary Scientific

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street Fridriha Jengel'sa, 20 bilding 2

Вход со стороны дороги. Нажмите на кнопку звонка слева от двери и дождитесь, когда красные индикаторы загорятся зеленым светом.


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