Фотография квеста «Black Mirrors»

Black Mirrors

the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
quest with actors

Mirrors always seemed to be evil, dark and incomprehensible for people... but no one could even think that their most fearful assumptions would consequently become reality! One stroke of lightning and the mirrors opened portals into THEIR world...

Dark creatures sneaked into our reality and took everyone who stood in their way. All attempts to break the link between the worlds ended up with more people go missing... many people had the courage to enter the portal again and finish the job, but all their attempts had tragic results. None of the daredevils had ever come back...

Attention! This game with actors is played in non-contact mode. During the game, your movements won’t be restricted with handcuffs, ropes, clamps and other accessories. Actors don’t use any of the weapons or mockups and the operator has full control over the game process.

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Акция! Пятый игрок — бесплатно. Только с 17 по 23 февраля включительно. Цены в расписании уже снижены и указаны с учетом скидки.

Categories: Action Fantasy For a Large Party For teenagers Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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