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the level of fear
Age limitations: 16+
quest with actors

Hi there! My name is Stim. For those who still haven’t heard about me — I’m a true sceptic and I test my scepticism by visiting abandoned places. There I perform rites and rituals that allegedly summon paranormal forces. But only “allegedly”.

In reality, it’s all an act and children’s tales. On my channel there are lots of videos proving local myths and legends to be just a work of fiction. The new season is coming — exciting and even spookier than before!

This time you have chosen the place to be tested by the sceptic. Rumour has it that a millionaire had bought a piece of land and built an ordinary village on it. But is it really that ordinary? They say, a young girl was killed here. And not just killed but torn from the inside out. The locals swear that her ghost is now chasing them in the dark and her cry makes the dogs howl...

Honestly, sounds creepy. But not for me! I’m going to the village to prove it to be just another LEGEND. And for the first time in my project you are going with me! The followers who win my challenge will visit the gloomy village together with me and witness that even the most fascinating tale is just a tale.

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See you!


Attention! You’ll need warm clothes. In winter it might get cold in the village.

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