Фотография квеста «Online. Game of survival»
with actors audio quest

Online. Game of survival

Age limitations: 16+
Near future. Representatives of the depraved elite have come up with a new entertainment — hunting for living people.

A group of unsuspecting young people suddenly find themselves locked in a luxury mansion. This place is a hunting ground, Packed with clever traps and instruments of torture. Within an hour, they will enter the mansion, and the bloody game will begin!

Hunters are protected by representatives of the highest authorities, so there is no help to wait for. The only hope for salvation is the clues left by previous victims. Will you be able to understand them and get out of the mansion alive? Or maybe you have the courage to steal the video of the hunters ' atrocities and release it to expose the villains?

This quest takes place in an online audio quest format. You will have to unravel a complex plot and take turns going through different game rooms with real sound and actors. All events are voiced by a professional announcer. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in a unique gaming universe!

To participate, you will need headphones and a microphone — a link to the room in Zoom will be sent to your email after your reservation is confirmed by the operator.

The minimum number of participants is 2 players. You can play together or assemble a full team. This way the adventure will become even more interesting!

Discounts and promotions are not applied.

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