Фотография квеста «Online. Cartel»
with actors audio quest

Online. Cartel

Age limitations: 14+
The Cohen brothers ' drug cartel has been holding the entire city at Bay for years. Guys never leave witnesses to their terrible crimes, and constantly slip out of the hands of the police. It interferes with the FBI and sends to the operation of the best agents for your team. The task, at first glance, is simple: show up at the cartel under the guise of clients and make a deal to purchase a large batch of drugs. This will be enough to arrest Victor and his entire gang.

But be careful — Victor Cohen has a real wolf sense. If he gets suspicious, he won’t be able to get out of the cartel alive. There are terrible rumors about the torture room where the Cohen brothers hone their bloody craft!

This quest takes place in an online audio quest format. Transport yourself to the atmosphere of the gangster 50s and help clear the city of insidious criminals. You will have to get into the heart of the mafia clan and arrest the leader-Victor Cohen, nicknamed Scalpel. All events are voiced by professional actors. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in a unique gaming universe!

To participate, you will need headphones and a microphone — a link to the room in Zoom will be sent to your email after your reservation is confirmed by the operator.

The minimum number of participants is 2 players. You can play together or assemble a full team. This way the adventure will become even more interesting!

Discounts and promotions are not applied.

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