Фотография квеста «Online. The dashing 90s»
FUNNY with actors audio quest

Online. The dashing 90s

Age limitations: 16+
Interactive online audio quest

The weekend went well. The stipend was converted into a couple of boxes with alcohol, the smell of barbecue is still around and the body of your drunk friend Vasya is snoring peacefully in the boot. Turning the music up you drive back to the dormitory when suddenly...

A tinted Mercedes strikes the back of your car, the serious gang guys come out of it — and now you and your friends are standing on the side of the Moscow highway watching them leave in your farther’s car with the sleeping Vasiliy inside! And it’s only the bail!

Moral and physical damage to the gang guys is going to cost you $10 000. The money must be brought to the warehouse in 24 hours otherwise you can forget all about the car, Vasya and your bright future. It’s a classic: lock, stock and two smoking barrels and the gangs of Moscow. Maybe this will teach you to collect money not troubles?

This online quest is performed by professional actors. Dive into the criminal comedy about the dashing 90s inspired by Guy Ritchie’s movies! Travel to virtual Moscow and meet lots of colourful characters, trust us — it won’t be finished with conversations only.

You will need a headset and a microphone to play. The invitation to Discord secret chat will be sent to your email right after the booking is confirmed by the game master.

No discounts apply.

Please note — slot schedule is for Moscow time zone.

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