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Age limitations: 6+
— Well, well, well… It looks like my invention is almost ready. Assistant, turn on the electric steam engine! — Yes, Professor! — Entering time coordinates, activating the Machine… Whoo! — Professor? Professor, are you there? It seems to have worked! Hmm, what is this ancient letter on the table? He wasn’t here… Another experiment with a new invention led to unforeseen consequences. The genius Professor was lost in time and space, and at the same time mysterious anomalies began to occur around the world. It seems that the time paradoxes were not the fiction of science fiction writers! In the hope of saving his mentor, a young laboratory assistant gathered a team of daredevils ready for real adventures. Together with the leading players will visit Ancient Greece, Italy of the middle ages and London of the future, eliminating anomalies and finding clues about the location of the Professor. The quest will be especially interesting for players aged 6–11. This game takes place in an interactive online format. To participate, you will need a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with headphones and a microphone. It will be more interesting and easier to play if you install the free Zoom app in advance. A link to the conference in Zoom will be sent to your email immediately after your reservation is confirmed by the operator. The minimum number of participants is 5 people. Gather a large company or join an already registered team. If your team has fewer than 15 members, other users will also be able to join your game. Discounts and promotions are not applied. Please note that the schedule shows Moscow time for sessions.

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