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Age limitations: 12+
Ролевая игра в онлайн-формате глобальной стратегии

To press a button and realise that the world’s future now lies in your hands? That’s exactly how it happens in the online game “Global dominance”. It is a fascinating mix of classic Mafia and a political strategy game that will reveal who actually rules here.

Become President and appoint your friends to ministers in order to try yourself on the political arena. You have a lot to do in the next couple of hours: create new laws, boost the economy and make lucrative alliances. Or maybe just drop everything and start the third world war? Remember, the burden of power is more dangerous than it seems.

This game is played online. You will be divided in teams which represent a different country each. Learn to trust and bluff, negotiate and confront — use all means that will help your country gain global dominance!

You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone to play, preferably with a working camera. Also you should download the free version of Zoom. The link to Zoom conference will be send to your email once the booking is confirmed by the game master.

Minimum number of players is 10. You can book a game for one, play with your team or join the already registered team. If your team has less than 50 players, other participants can join your game.

No discounts apply.

Beat this game with   English speaking rivals and   host to pump your language skills! Select the mode '' Play in   English '' in the   corresponding field of the booking form.

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