Фотография квеста «Jury»


Age limitations: 12+
19-year-old hockey player Konstantin Naumov is accused of murdering businessman Oleg Savinov. The Prosecutor presented enough evidence to demand a life sentence, but the defense side insists that other people were interested in Savinov’s death.

Could the investigation have fabricated evidence? Are there any people present in court who work for one of the parties? You will become a jury and deliver a verdict in a high-profile criminal case. The fate of the defendant is in your hands!

This psychological role-playing game takes place in an online format. The plot is based on a real criminal case — we only changed the personal data of the defendants. After the verdict, you will find out what the outcome of the trial was in reality.

To participate, you will need a piece of paper, a pen, and a device with uninterrupted Internet access. A link to the game room in Zoom will be sent to your email immediately after your reservation is confirmed by the operator.

Please note that the schedule shows Moscow time for sessions.

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