Фотография квеста «Online. Professor Imaginary VS cartoons»
interactive quest for kids

Online. Professor Imaginary VS cartoons

Age limitations: from 4 years
Online quest

Constant research and experiments has finally driven professor Imaginary crazy.

Now he won’t stop until he turns all cartoons into new secret labs and children’s favourite caracters into his robot assistants. Maybe this will make children give up the TV and turn to science instead?

Only to press this button and...oh no, there is a fault! Due to a stupid error professor Imaginary has himself become a captive in the cartoon universe.

The only chance to get back is to ask children for help. They can rescue professor and prove that cartoons are not only entertaining but also educative.

The quest is played online. In search for professor the players will discover the magic worlds of 8 cartoons: “Cinderella”, “Masha and the bear”, “Kikoriki”, “Winnie-the-pooh”, “Inside out”, “Cars”, “Trolls”, “The incredibles”.

The quest will be especially interesting for children aged 4-7.

Headset and a microphone are required to play. The link to Zoom room will be sent to your email after the booking is confirmed by the gamemaster.

Minimum number of players is 5. Choose the game for a big company or book your child in at an already registered team — it will be interesting in any case. If there are less than 15 players in your team, other participants can join your game.

No discounts apply.

Please note-the slot schedule is for Moscow time zone.

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