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Age limitations: 12+

He was a child when, to the sound of sirens and the roar of exploding shells, the familiar world collapsed right before his eyes. Overnight he was deprived of everything — home, family, childhood. But it was here, on the ruins of a dead island, that he learned the main thing — to survive…

Erangel, our days. Someone named PlayerUnknown turned the forgotten island into the arena for the Battle Royale — PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The winners of these survival games get everything they dreamed of — money, power, fame. But the path to the goal literally lies through the mountains of corpses!

Your squad has landed in the Battle Royale zone to compete for a ticket to a prosperous future. Well, you can’t be called lucky. You did not find any weapons or armor at the landing site. All you have is the coordinates of the squad member who has stopped communicating. While still flying, he said that he knew the surest way to win this and all the following battles. Did he fail.?

You can’t hesitate! The zone is constantly narrowing and enemies can appear any minute, so you decide to follow the mark on the map. Will you be able to find your way to victory and eternal glory?

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