Фотография квеста « Dangerous raid»
UP TO 8 PLAYERS WITH ACTORS quarantine until 14.06

Dangerous raid

Age limitations: 14+
escape room with actors

Welcome to the bunker of the Moscow 2048 camp! After recent events that changed the course of Operation Confrontation, the facility was frozen for a long time. But no secret can be kept forever…

A group of adventurers goes straight to the bunker in search of a precious artifact. This place is surrounded by rumors. But what really awaits the daredevils? A tempting adventure is fraught with many frightening surprises.

В связи с карантином сеансы в этом квесте доступны только с 15 июня. Выберите подходящую дату в расписании или купите игру в виде сертификата, чтобы пройти квест в любое время.

Categories: For a Large Party For teenagers Postapocalyptical Scary With actors

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