Фотография квеста «Horror stories»
up to 8 players quarantine until 14.06

Horror stories

Age limitations: 12+ years old with parents, 14+ without them

In the 21st century, every human emotion can be used to make money. Books, movies, roller coasters are created to profit from adrenaline rush. But we in the FEAR corporation choose another way. We turn fear into everybody’s benefit!

As you already understand, we collect the fear hormones — Basic Recessive Inhibitors of Critical Knowledge. In short, BRICKs. Everything is done in a totally ecological way with the help of volunteer donors!

Your team will be divided in two groups which will separately play all the simulations and compete for BRICKs. Solve the riddles and spook each other with the unique “Scarer”. Remember — to be afraid is not only normal but also beneficial!

В связи с карантином сеансы в этом квесте доступны только с 15 июня. Выберите подходящую дату в расписании или купите игру в виде сертификата, чтобы пройти квест в любое время.

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