Фотография квеста «Vault 13. Rebirth»
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Vault 13. Rebirth

Age limitations: 10+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Escape rooms without actors

There had hardly been any idea what terrible consequences that war of 2077 might have. In a matter of hours, the world simply disappeared, turned into ashes... However, the government seems to have anticipated such a scenario. Otherwise, why would the first shelters appear that same year?

Ours, number 13, is said to have been built just before the blast. How many generations have changed within these walls without knowing that there is something out there, behind the enormous door? Is there anything there at all? Thanks to the elaborate systems of the shelter, the question has remained irrelevant.

Water purification plants, automatic farms and incubators for cultivating food, underground moss plantations for oxygen synthesis... If it had not been for the recent earthquake that damaged the reactor, there would be sufficient resources for centuries to come. Currently, however, technical zones need to be shut down one by one, but residents still spend more than the shelter can reproduce. The authorities vow that residential buildings will not be disconnected, but it is bound to happen at some point.

Maybe right now?

No adult player on the team? Contact the location before booking to use the services of an escort! Our employee will pass the quest with the children and make sure that everything is in order. Maintenance cost: 1000 rub. per session.

В связи с карантином сеансы в этом квесте доступны только с 15 июня. Выберите подходящую дату в расписании или купите игру в виде сертификата, чтобы пройти квест в любое время.

Categories: Action Fantasy For mans For teenagers Maximal Complexity Postapocalyptical

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